Normal Service Resumed

Welcome back, readers! The Universal Omnibus has been a bit up in the air over the past few weeks whilst I had a general clean-up, got rid of a few outdated or superfluous posts and corrected a few bugs in the system, but you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s all up and running again now.

You might have noticed that our banner was slightly amended a few weeks ago. What do you think of the new version? I’ve also updated the menus so that you can more easily find what you are looking for. There might still be the odd misdirection, but I’m correcting those as I find them.

So, to kick off the newly upholstered, waxed and polished Omnibus, this post will be preceded by five – count them, FIVE – brand new posts and they’re every bit as eclectic as you’ve come to expect from The Universal Omnibus. All aboard, it’s going to be quite a ride!

Paul xx

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