Lighter Than Air

Drift among the bulrushes, Each sweet and scented flower, Lace wings that blur into life, cascading, Miniature dewdrop shower. Tiny body, matchstick arms, The unknown minutiae stroke and feel, Falling hair like spun gold cobweb, A thing of nature, quite unreal. Alight upon a flower’s petal, Walk a path along its stem, Little men and tiny ladies, In worlds invisible to them. So, fly away into the sunrise, Summer’s here, the meadows sing, Lighter than air, as fleet as fancy, Simple disappearing thing.   (c) Paul Ferry 2005 Continue reading Lighter Than Air

Watch Out For Whalefin

Watch out for Whalefin, He’s a hell of a guy, Hits a storm right in the eye, Squeezes every dark cloud dry, Makes the cumulonimbus cry, Then kicks it back into the sky. Watch out for Whalefin, He’s a prince amongst men, Saved the world again and again, Conquers tyranny and then, Meditates for an hour or ten, On the profundity of Buddhism (Xen). Watch out for Whalefin, He’s practically a god, Okay, so his haircut’s slightly odd, But he’s so well-dressed and superbly shod, By Saville Row’s Mr Thaddeus Todd, (Couturier sublime and former Mod). Watch out for Whalefin, … Continue reading Watch Out For Whalefin

I’m Not Gonna Fall In Love With You

I’m not gonna fall in love with you, Though every single time we meet, I think your auburn hair smells sweet, Which makes it hard to think, a bit, Of anything but touching it. I’m not gonna fall in love with you, Though seeing your photo drives me barmy, I’d rather drink bromide and join the army, I mean, I don’t want to do that but even still, Fighting my feelings is practice drill. I’m not gonna fall in love with you, There’s so many problems, it’s such hard work, I’d hare around like a thing berserk, Besides, if I … Continue reading I’m Not Gonna Fall In Love With You

Red Admiral

Living in a jigsaw, Slotted into choice, ‘Til my inner ear picked up a voice. Purring like a kitten, Around my conscience curled, Wicked moments spent inside your world. Tiny angel sinner, Little devil saint, Cutting edge but curiously quaint. Pretty skewed perception, Seeing through your eyes, Cutting through the bullshit and the lies. Seen to be a mad thing, Heard to be a tart, Wrapped inside a blanket in my heart. Always in my vision, Pink and purple hazed, Kicking back the madness and the crazed. Maybe you’ll be leaving, But not for today, Let your imagination fly away. … Continue reading Red Admiral