‘Doctor Who – Scratchman’ by Tom Baker

Tom Baker may well be the greatest author our country never had. His autobiography, Who on Earth is Tom Baker? was quite unlike any other book before or since; reading it was a bit like having Tom tell you his life story over the bar of the Dog and Duck, pint in hand, slightly sozzled. It was a masterpiece. He followed this up with The Boy Who Kicked Pigs, a children’s book… probably. No-one knew quite what to make of it, but I loved it. It ended up in the bargain bins very quickly, which just goes to show how … Continue reading ‘Doctor Who – Scratchman’ by Tom Baker

‘Borrowed Time’ by Naomi A. Alderman

Borrowed time is the second new release from BBC Books and, like The Triple Knife, it has been previously published in some form previously. Written by prize-winning author Naomi A. Alderman, it was previously released in hardback during the tenure of the Eleventh Doctor, but this attractive re-branded paperback is well worth a second look. Doctor Who doesn’t have a terrific track record when it comes to stories in which time itself is a pivotal element – The Time Monster, Timelash, the TV Movie – none of them are the series’ brightest moments, but where Borrowed Time scores over all of those is in its … Continue reading ‘Borrowed Time’ by Naomi A. Alderman

‘The Triple Knife and Other Doctor Who Stories’ by Jenny T. Colgan

The Triple Knife is one of two Doctor Who paperbacks released under the new brand. They’re not featuring the forthcoming new Doctor, of course – that would be giving too much away ahead of the new series – but they are both by prominent female writers in promotion of Doctor Who’s Year of the Woman. Written by Jenny T. Colgan, The Triple Knife is a collection of short stories either starring or told from the perspective of a significant female character from the recent years of Doctor Who. There are five stories of varying lengths in this collection: the story after which the book is named The Triple … Continue reading ‘The Triple Knife and Other Doctor Who Stories’ by Jenny T. Colgan

100% Cotton*: The Target Novelisations of Donald Cotton

Donald Cotton, an acclaimed TV and radio writer and co-creator of Adam Adamant Lives, only ever wrote two stories for Doctor Who… and neither of them is particularly acclaimed. His first, The Myth Makers, is often overlooked because it is one of those sad cases where 100% of the footage is missing from the BBC archive. Not even so much as a tiny clip exists! His second (and, as it turned out, final) script, The Gunfighters, exists in its entirety, but for a long time was unfairly (and rather inaccurately) derided as the worst and lowest-rated serial in the early years of Doctor Who. This … Continue reading 100% Cotton*: The Target Novelisations of Donald Cotton