Doctor Who Season 19: A Kinda* Review

(*and other stories.) When I wrote a piece about the blu-ray release of Doctor Who’s twelfth season, I called it ‘This is Not a Review’, because my attachment to Tom Baker’s debut episodes was so strong that I did not feel I could be in any way objective. I didn’t consider that I might have to write similar articles about other seasons on blu-ray. So when Season 19 came along – a season that I like a lot but have less of a personal attachment to – I thought my comments would be more review-y than the previous release, so I … Continue reading Doctor Who Season 19: A Kinda* Review

Not a Review: Doctor Who Season 12

This is not a review of Doctor Who: The Collection Season 12. I set out to write a review, only to find that I was too close to the material to be truly impartial. You see, Tom Baker’s debut season was my introduction to Doctor Who. Looking back, I had probably seen some of Jon Pertwee’s last season; I have vague memories of the giant spiders and was aware of the Daleks prior to Genesis of the Daleks, but my memories of Tom Baker’s first season are vivid. Although I was only 5 at the time, I know I watched the whole thing … Continue reading Not a Review: Doctor Who Season 12