‘Doctor Who – Scratchman’ by Tom Baker

Tom Baker may well be the greatest author our country never had. His autobiography, Who on Earth is Tom Baker? was quite unlike any other book before or since; reading it was a bit like having Tom tell you his life story over the bar of the Dog and Duck, pint in hand, slightly sozzled. It was a masterpiece. He followed this up with The Boy Who Kicked Pigs, a children’s book… probably. No-one knew quite what to make of it, but I loved it. It ended up in the bargain bins very quickly, which just goes to show how … Continue reading ‘Doctor Who – Scratchman’ by Tom Baker

Not a Review: Doctor Who Season 12

This is not a review of Doctor Who: The Collection Season 12. I set out to write a review, only to find that I was too close to the material to be truly impartial. You see, Tom Baker’s debut season was my introduction to Doctor Who. Looking back, I had probably seen some of Jon Pertwee’s last season; I have vague memories of the giant spiders and was aware of the Daleks prior to Genesis of the Daleks, but my memories of Tom Baker’s first season are vivid. Although I was only 5 at the time, I know I watched the whole thing … Continue reading Not a Review: Doctor Who Season 12