Red Admiral

Living in a jigsaw, Slotted into choice, ‘Til my inner ear picked up a voice. Purring like a kitten, Around my conscience curled, Wicked moments spent inside your world. Tiny angel sinner, Little devil saint, Cutting edge but curiously quaint. Pretty skewed perception, Seeing through your eyes, Cutting through the bullshit and the lies. Seen to be a mad thing, Heard to be a tart, Wrapped inside a blanket in my heart. Always in my vision, Pink and purple hazed, Kicking back the madness and the crazed. Maybe you’ll be leaving, But not for today, Let your imagination fly away. … Continue reading Red Admiral

The Vampire

Damned by daylight, in shadow I lurk, Hungry to do my cursed work, Crouched beyond mere mortal sight, Couched in fear, I hunt by night, Once I was a man like you, Who breathed and lived and loved and grew, Now a gnarled and twisted twig, With yellowed claws, through dirt I dig, To breath the grave’s cold, bitter air, Beyond my dank and fetid lair, Through cobbled streets my footsteps tap, ‘Cross smoking rooftops, rustle, flap, To swoop, black velvet hammer blow, To strike, to bite, to make blood flow, ‘Til satisfied by my dark deeds, I contemplate my … Continue reading The Vampire

Silver for the Songbird

Silver for the songbird, As she’s standing in the dark, Singing songs of sunrise colour, Like the trilling of the lark. Silver for the songbird, Behind a curtain golden brown, Opens up to meet the morning, Rises up to meet the town. Silver for the songbird, As the people pass her by, Heads all bowed in cold disinterest, Never look her in the eye. Silver for the songbird, Returns day after day, And with grim determination, Gathers silver penny pay.   Continue reading Silver for the Songbird

The Cinnamon Road

From heavy fog march blinkered pawns, With backward pointing faces, Who, on command, step deep in sand, With boots that leave no traces. Towards a dog whose newest tricks, Are centuries in hiding, And futures told in days of old, They’re confidently striding. A jewelled knight is throwing wide, The curtain of his master, While this old town is beaten down, With memories of disaster. Though distant poles shine black and white, The median in greying, Whilst in the woods, obscured by trees, The wicked wolf is baying. People flock from miles around, To watch the dancing piper, Though harvest … Continue reading The Cinnamon Road

Cherry Red

Lost in a maze, your fickle fame, Just sitting there in a chair, With a face on. Number one smash, Top of the Pops, Churn ‘em out now, Holy Cow, There’s a race on. Don’t be blue, don’t be blue, Look alive, Cherry Red, we need you, Don’t be blue, don’t be blue, Cheer up Cherry Red, we need you. Shooting you up, shooting you down, Camden has crashed and you’re smashed, What a caper. Those guys are hot, these girls are cool, What do they know? So you don’t, Read the paper. Don’t be blue, don’t be blue, Look … Continue reading Cherry Red


Little green devil, O’ wormwood imp, You made my mind crippled, You made my brain limp. You gnawed at my synapses, dulled every sense, And stole all my memory, Without recompense. You made my legs rooted; you made my arms weak, And my lips turned to lime wax, Unable to speak. So, back in the bottle, thou green spawn of hell, ‘Til I next tumble under, Thy bohemian spell. (C) Paul Ferry 2005 Continue reading Absinthe


It was summer in the back end of nowhere, There were horses and houses all around, She pulled on her sneakers and was running, Just as soon as her feet hit the ground. Pretty soon, she had a job in a book store, Loading Dickens and Tolstoy on the shelf, She discovered the works of Jack Kerouac, But she never discovered herself. Then she met Spring Bob by the duck pond, He was small, but he carried a big sack, Full of blankets and pillows for the hostel on the green, And the collected works of Honoré de Balzac. He … Continue reading Justina