All Aboard the Omnibus!

Omnibus Clip copy

Hello, and welcome to the Universal Omnibus – the magazine style blog with a bit of something for everyone… well, everyone who likes book reviews, Doctor Who, music, film-making and general pop culture nonsense, that is.

This site came about via the amalgamation of four separate blogs, all edited by myself, Paul Ferry; SpaceProbe 1, a sci-fi book review blog; Hot Bullets, a thriller book review blog; Timebase Productions, a site for the fan-film production company and general Doctor Who-y goodness; and Strange Skins, a pdf sci-fi fanzine.

I’ve decanted a lot of articles from those blogs onto here, so if you followed any of those blogs already, you might have seen some of them before. Don’t worry though, there’ll be new stuff aplenty along real soon. SpaceProbe 1, Hot Bullets and Timebase Productions will be shutting down at the end of the week, so if you follow one of those, you might want to switch your allegiances here. Strange Skins will continue running until the ‘zine reaches the end of its current run, then it too will switch over here.

Hope you find something to enjoy on the Universal Omnibus. If you do, feel free to send me your comments. Be kind to kippers!


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